Coming Attractions April ’10

Coming soon to a blog near you:

Fragrance Throwdown: Guerlain Chamade vs. Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d’une Fete.  (This one’s been holding me up, largely because I’m finding it difficult to review dispassionately a fragrance that I love beyond all reason. But I predict it’ll be posted by Saturday.)  Status: POSTED April 9.

Beautiful Scents in Ugly Bottles  Status: POSTED April 12.

More Green Scents: Citrus/Fruity Greens and Chypre Greens  Status as of April 18: PENDING, since I’m still adding to these lists.  Should be up by the end of April.

Perfume Review: Chanel Bel Respiro  Status as of April 18:  MAY BE SCRAPPED, if I can’t find anything more interesting to say.

Down the Vintage Rabbit Hole  Status as of April 18:  AH HA HA HAHA!!  It got huge.  I’m considering doing a monthly Vintage Post.

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