STUFF. Christmas presents. Perfume divestiture. Giveaway drawing.

Yeah, I know… it’s Christmas, that wonderful time of the year when we give each other STUFF, in honor of the greatest gift ever – which was not, I remind you, wrapped up in paper printed with Santa faces and tied with red sparkly ribbons.

I have way too much STUFF.  (The CEO tells me this all the time.  He’s right, but I hate to admit that to him!)  Probably all of us have too much STUFF, and what we really need are things that can’t be wrapped up in Santa-face paper:  Time.  Family.  Love.  Kindness.  Grace.  Patience.  Contentment.  Forgiveness.  Relief from worry.

How often do I assume that my friends and family members just need another gift card or sweater or jar of homemade raspberry jelly, rather than my love/kindness/forgiveness?  Pretty often.  It’s embarrassing.  It’s easy to spend money and hope that some of the feeling that inspires me to do so comes through, without making sure the gift recipients know that I love them.

I gave up making handmade presents a long time ago.  It was even more stressful than spending money, and difficult to make the right thing for the right person.  Cross-stitch makes my hands hurt these days.  So does crochet, and besides, once you’ve made someone a fuzzy scarf, you really can’t give them another one.  Food gifts are handy, and making them doesn’t induce unpleasant finger tingling – but they’re not very personal.  Once you’ve made twelve jars of mulling spices, for all your aunts and cousins and the newspaper carrier and your hairdresser, one jar isn’t very special, is it?

And if I do nothing, nobody has any fun.  Maybe the way to do this is to spend a small amount of money, and spend some of my personal time as well.  So I’ll go ahead and get my brother that kitchen thingy he wants – and write him a personal note, too.  It’s a plan, people.

As a side note to all these STUFF comments, I looked over my perfume collection and found things that I’ve discovered I just don’t love.  I’d like these scents – they’re mostly miniature bottles, with a few decants – to go to good homes.  So I just posted them on my notepad at, and will be listing them on my profile at as well (I’m mals86 at both sites).  There are a few small decants I’d love to swap for, but other than that, I just want these little bottles to go to people who’ll enjoy them. 

If you’re interested in picking out one of the mini bottles for yourself, post a comment.  I’ll get Taz, my nine-year-old, to draw a name out of his bicycle helmet.  Winner gets to choose a prize from my list of Adoptable Minis.  Drawing closes on Thursday 12/10 at 12 midnight.

Image is 3 Presents Waiting by jonmatthew at flickr.