By Kilian sample giveaway

I have a lovely velveteen pouch, courtesy of the lovely people at By Kilian, with five generous 2ml sample sprays in it, to give away to one lucky commenter.  This pouch contains five of the fragrances from the L’Oeuvre Noire series: Love, Love and Tears, A Taste of Heaven, Straight to Heaven, and Back to Black.  (I reviewed these here, if you’d like a refresher on the notes lists.)

 To enter the drawing, you must be a real live human being living somewhere on the planet Earth, and leave a comment below mentioning either your favorite By Kilian fragrance, or the one you would most like to try.  I will face the inquisitorial crocodilian Visigoths at my local US Post Office to get this package to the winner, so non-Americans are welcome to give it a shot.  The drawing will be open until midnight Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Good luck to you!

Draw is now closed.


51 thoughts on “By Kilian sample giveaway”

  1. A global giveaway is a bold undertaking that I am sure your readers will appreciate – I know all about those crocodilian Visigoths you have Stateside, and they are evil. No need to enter me in the draw because I have had samples of all but Back to Black in the past, but for the record my favourite By Kilians are Rose Oud, Love and Tears and Sweet Redemption.

    1. (Oh, did you experience USPS Visigoths when you were here? They are evil.)

      I cannot imagine Back to Black having appeal for you. Rose Oud and Sweet Redemption are my BK picks as well, and perhaps Beyond Love.

  2. You know I love me some Liaisons Dangereuses! I’d really love some more skin time w/ Back to Black – tried the tester at Saks.

    Thanks for the giveaway Mals!

  3. That’s very generous of you, Mals.

    I’ve never tried any of the By Kilians yet, so if I was to pick which one I’d most like to try…Love and Tears, actually. Straight to Heaven has the notes that usually go nicest with my chemistry, but I’ve been wanting to delve into jasmine more. If Love and Tears is an excellent jasmine, that’s a good place to start.

    1. Well, you know, the Kilian people just sent them to me…

      Love and Tears is lovely jasmine. I’d like it more if I were more of a jasmine fan. You’re in the draw!

  4. Draws are so nice (especially international draws!!!!) – I’m sure your know what’s my favorite BK: I am predictable.
    I also like sweet redemption, liasons dangereuses and love and tears a lot.
    In fact, I’m coveting right now the L&T sample vial of your pic.
    I’d love to have the leisure to test the fragarnce at ease.
    However, I have the other samples and I don’t wish to be selfish.
    So no draw for me…
    Love & tears is nice, isn’t it?

  5. Would love to try Back to Black. Appreciate your generosity with this drawing–have put off ordering samples because I fear another expensive lemming, but the BtoB notes sound perfect.

    1. Back to Black is nice; I just find that some tobacco scents go “flat” on me, and that’s one that does. You’re in the draw!

    1. As much fun as I’ve made of the fancy packaging, I get the feeling that BK is determined to be a quality outfit. I think you’d like some of these. YOu’re in the draw!

  6. Sweet Redemption smells like high quality root beer to my nose, so unique and memorable. The only one of these samples I’ve tried is Straight to Heaven so I’d love to try some more.

  7. Love Back to Black – was considering it as a Christmas present to myself but resisted! Maybe for my birthday in April from hubby (the travel atomizer of course).Would love to try the others-please enter me in the draw!

  8. How generous. My favorite Killian so far is Rose Oud and I would really like to try Amber Oud or Straight to Heaven.

  9. I’ve never tried any of the Kilians, and would like to try them all! (I’m not greedy, not a bit). If I had to choose one, it would be Back to Black for the tobacco note. Thanks for the drawing!

  10. I haven’t tried any Kilian’s yet, but I do have one sample waiting for me. I think it’s an oud, but I’m not sure of the name. Anyway, I DO live on Planet Earth, third rock from the Sun and all that. We call our space “Virginia”.

    1. Is it the new one? I know they’ve been getting samples of it out recently – Amber Oud is the most recent release. It is lovely, very smooth. Nicely balanced between sweet and dry, IMO…

      And, fellow Virginian, you’re in the draw!

  11. I have never had the pleasure of trying any By Kilian fragrances, so WOW isn’t this the perfect opportunity! I have looked longingly at Sweet Redemption and Back to Black. Thank you for this opportunity (like you have nothing else to do, right?!).

  12. I just had to prove I was a human being on another blog and failed miserably. But I’ll give it another try. 🙂

    I have an Amber Oud sample; oh, that one is pretty! And it had decent longevity, which is unusual on my (robot) skin. Thanks for the draw, Mals!

    1. Isn’t Amber Oud nice? I’m not a huge amber fan, and I’m not a huge oud fan, so I was surprised how pretty it was. You’re in the draw!

  13. If this works (not having much joy so far today with the old computer), just leaving a comment will be a win!

    I haven’t tried any of the By Kilian fragrances, so this would be a great opportunity: thanks!

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  14. This Canadian says thanks so much for being willing to face down the postal Inquisition. From the US mailings I’ve received from indie perfume companies and perfumistas, it appears that “cosmetic samples”, especially in small jetpack envelopes, get through.

    I’ve never sampled any By Kilian fragrance and would be thrilled to experience five! From your capsule reviews I think Beyond Love and Back to Black would be the ones I’d try first.

    1. GOod to know that the small padded envelopes seem to make their way to the right spot. I know Customs has been difficult for some Canadians… you’re in the draw!

  15. I recently tried Back to Black thanks to Krista of SOTD (entranced!) but have never tried any other scents by Kilian (intrigued)! Thank you so much for this lovely draw, and your defiance of the postal Visigoths. (I am married to one, so call me Mrs. Barbarian!)

    1. You’re in the draw! You know, I don’t think of all USPS employees as Visigoths, but certainly the ones at my local office are. There is a small Army subcontractor facility in the area, and that may be why, I don’t know – but I have actually been asked to OPEN a package I was shipping so the clerk could “see what’s in it.” No kidding. (That’s not in the official USPS rules, as far as I understand.)

  16. I’ve not tried any of these–kind of beyond my budget.
    I’d love to try Love and Tears.

    I am always sorry to hear of your troubles at your local Post Office.
    Thanks so much for your writings. They delight.

    1. They are definitely spendy – though the travel refills, especially if you can find someone to split them with, are not all that horribly priced. You’re in the draw! (And thanks for the kind words.)

  17. I’m very curious about sweet Redemption. I had sniffed some By Killians last year but my tastes have changed since then and I’m wondering how they’ll be for me now. Thank you for the draw.

  18. My favorite so far is Beyond Love, with Liaison Dangereuese not far behind. And I want to spend more time with A Taste of Heaven and Back to Black. Among others! (As you know, I’m a big fan of this line.)

  19. i haven’t tried any of the by killian fragrances yet, but i’d love to smell sweet redemption, because the name to me feels like hope after tears, serenity after torment.i need a bit of that lately.thank you so much for the draw

  20. I have never tried any by Killian fragrances, but I love reading your blog, and on your recommendation, I’d love to try Sweet Redemption. (My boyfriend’s daughters, who are now in college, were in the band at their HS…one in guard and the other was in band-cymbals. It was so much fun going to their games & competitions, and I miss it, so when you write of your daughter & friends, it brings back such good memories, I just sit here & smile.) greetings from suburban Philadelphia, PA and thanks for the generous draw.

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