Yesterday, I…

Went to work, where the IT guys had upgraded our software without letting me know they were going to.  I mean, I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know it was coming yesterday.

Tested DSH Perfumes Susinon (1000 Lilies), from her new Secrets of Egypt Collection.  Review soon.

Packed up the boys and took them to my mom’s house, 75 minutes’ drive, to stay for a few days.

Picked up 13 of her old quart jars for canning use, and a bushel of peaches from the local orchard.

Went by the mall to pick up some Lavender Vanilla body mist for my sister’s birthday at Bath and Body Works.  Smelled the new Dark Kiss fragrance there (Angel Berries, if you ask me).

Meandered down to Macy’s for some higher-end sniffery than I usually get.  Drove home. Started an outline for a post on the experience.  It’s coming soon, probably Friday, definitely before the 1000 Lilies review.

Proofread The CEO’s letter to the newspaper editor (he’s annoyed with an AP story with a really-misleading headline).

Cleaned, blanched, packaged and froze 42 ears of corn.

Washed, blanched, peeled, chopped, cooked, and canned another seven quarts of tomatoes.  One jar didn’t seal – one! out of the 34 I’ve done so far… it’s in the fridge, I’ll make salsa out of it or something.


Image is “backyard bee” from jennyw47 at Flickr.


13 thoughts on “Busy…”

    1. Associated Press. (They’re not international? Huh.)

      At one time, I had a sample of the AP DD fragrance, and found it rather pleasant but uncompelling. I liked Strip better, although it reminded me of something that I can’t place now. What WAS it?? Let the brain-racking commence…

  1. You go, girl!

    While you were accomplishing all that you did, what were you thinking? I don’t know about you, but I must have ‘thinking intervals’ between activities.

    I’m jonesing for DSH.

    1. Well, I did start off with a to-do list, which took some thought ahead of time! And the mall is between my parent’s house and the road I take home, so I wasn’t driving in circles. And luckily, I can “write” my book in my head while I’m doing some repetitive task like cleaning corn. Or driving 75 minutes.

      The sniffing was fun. Wish I had a ‘fumehead buddy nearby I could go and smell things with. As it is, I don’t go shopping frequently…

      … well, I mean, I don’t go shopping for anything except groceries frequently!…

      … and the nearest mall is 30 minutes’ drive, and the better mall is 55 minutes’ drive, and I don’t usually have the time to just browse. It’s one of the things I don’t like about living in the country, everything is so darn far away.

      I mean, I do have a grocery store, a pharmacy, and a Wal-Mart within 10 minutes of the house. The drive to work takes seven minutes, and the kids’ schools are close in, too. But frivolous fun stuff is at least half an hour (20 miles) away.

  2. Thank you for reminding me about canning. My great grandmother canned “everything”. I always thought it intimidating, doesn’t sound so from your writing.

    We have some things in common. I’m sending my girl off to band camp but not until next Monday. I too love DSH perfumes but American Beauty & Parfume de Grasse are my favorites of her roses. I won a sample set of her Secrets of Egypt fragrances recently & the Lilly one you mentioned is my favorite of the group. Looking forward to your review.

    1. Welcome, Christine!

      The canning isn’t so bad, really. What seems to take me forever is preparing the tomatoes (wash them in the sink, drop them in the boiling water long enough for their skins to split, cool them in cold water so I don’t burn my hands, slip off the skins, cut out the cores and quarter them). I suppose the real issue is that I have so darn MANY tomatoes.

      (Of course, I don’t have a pressure canner and haven’t done any non-acidic foods – just tomatoes and fruit preserves.)

      Hope your girl enjoys band camp! Is it new for her, or has she done it before? Bookworm’s a sophomore this year, and she LOVES band. I was in marching band myself in high school, but we didn’t have the budget to go away somewhere, so it was drill on the asphalt school parking lot every single day for a week in August…. argh.

      DSH does some really beautiful things, doesn’t she? I didn’t really enjoy Parfum de Grasse, and I don’t know why. It smells “vintage” to me – and I usually like that, but there’s a powdery/musty quality to it that I don’t care for. What did you think of Rose Vert? The 1000 Lilies is really gorgeous!

      1. Yes, Dawn makes beautiful, beautiful scents. I own Rose Vert and wear it when I have headaches, oddly enough. The roses she uses in it are so soothing, besides smelling fantastic!

        I wrote reviews of a number of her scents for Sniffapalooza Magazine. A dear friend of mine is the web owner & she’s “crazy” about rose fragrances. I wound up buying several of Dawn’s fragrances as a result of writing the article. They were THAT good!

        10 hours of practice for the first day of band camp for my girl. She’s in color guard & called me to bring her Aleve & a “caffinated beverage” for a headache. It’s 86 degrees here with pending thunderstorms. No wonder the girl has a headache!

        Well, the thunderstorms aren’t “pending” anymore. I hear thunder….better go get my child.

  3. Oh my goodness, Mals! Good thing you had that trip to Charleston a few weeks back because you certainly can pack a lot into a day. Wow.

    Hope you have time to sit down today for a good ‘mater sandwich!

    1. Well, Tiara, I certainly have enough tomatoes to manage that… Aargh. Good news: I have convinced The CEO that we don’t really NEED 27 tomato plants next year. We’ll back it down to, oh, eight or twelve and be just fine.

      That was a particularly busy day, they’re not all like that!

  4. Wow! Busy is an understatement! How cool that you are canning. There is something so nostalgic and beautiful about it.

    Glad you are reducing the number of tomato plants, though … more time for you to do other things you enjoy!

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