Bizzy bizzy… Coty Chypre review coming on Tuesday

This is where I was yesterday afternoon (the district cross-country meet, photo courtesy L Kegley):

Ours is the smallest cross-country team in our very-competitive district (of the 15 all-state runners last year, 7 on the girls’ team were from our district, and 9 on the boys’ team were from our district). Front row, L-R: Anne-Kelly, Riley, Emily, Tori, Ella, and Bookworm. I don’t know all the boys on the team… will have to get Bookworm to tell me the four I can’t identify by name.

This is where I’ll be this afternoon (next-to-last band competition of the season): 

This is where I’ll be tomorrow afternoon, for The CEO’s birthday:

Birthday Cake Lit

See you on Monday for Scent Diary and Tuesday for the long-postponed Coty Chypre review.  Wishing everyone a terrific weekend!