Best of 2012

Bookworm making drum major.

Gaze and his cousin Curiosity both making it to the Virginia National Geographic Bee.

Taz turning 12.

The Hunger Games novel series, which I read with Bookworm this year.

Our church (located half an hour’s drive away) spinning off a new church plant in our town.

Making progress on two novels.

The investment in bull semen (oh, honey, do not even ask me, seriously, do not, because you don’t want to know, you truly don’t) that paid off beyond what we expected.

As for perfume, however, I feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Well, okay, I did enjoy L’Artisan’s Seville a L’Aube, and Denyse Beaulieu’s book detailing the fragrances inspiration and progress.  And the three Neela Vermeire scents – Bombay Bling, Mohur, and Trayee – are lovely, and I hope to review them soon even though everybody else has already done so.  Sonoma Scent Studio Forest Walk was not much my style but very nice; SSS Nostalgie suited me much better, and if I hadn’t won a bottle of  Tableau de Parfums Miriam last year I’d have wanted one of Nostalgie (the two are not twins, but share a vintage feeling and some very similar notes). Micallef Ylang in Gold (review forthcoming) is also very pleasant.  I haven’t reviewed Parfums de Nicolai Musc Intense, but that’s nice too.

Regarding mainstream releases – well, I liked Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb. And I liked L’eau de Chloe.

I went overboard anticipating Serge Lutens‘ new gardenia, Une Voix Noire, and jumped in on a split of it, only to find that while I think it’s good (and yeah, that’s another one I need to review), it does not really speak to me, much less sing in a sultry nightclub voice.  And I am STILL slavering over the idea of an updated Jacomo Silences, but apparently it is only sold in a few locations in the US and nobody seems to have samples, so I have not smelled it yet.  Arrrgh.

(Jacomo, I’m DYING here.  Seriously: work on your US distribution, please.  Please. And think about packaging up some samples, willya? I mean, c’mon, even Lutens does that. Amouage does that.)

On the other hand, I did have some wonderful scented experiences.  I enjoyed Alyssa Harad’s wonderful book, Coming to My Senses (oh, great, there’s ANOTHER thing I have neglected to review).  And I explored two genres of fragrances that I’d previously only dabbled in and declared “Not Me” – incense and orange blossom – and found them to be “Sometimes Me.”

I have decided that I will not focus on the disappointments and tragedies and frustrations of 2012; I will merely be glad to see it go as I wish everyone an enjoyable New Year’s Eve.

So long, 2012. Don’t let the screen door hit you in the butt on the way out, okay?


8 thoughts on “Best of 2012”

  1. Sounds like it was a pretty good year chez Mals?? I’d wager 2013 will be just as busy and exciting for you – graduation! off to college! son starting high school!

    I need to read the third Hunger Games book. I so enjoyed the first two. However, I’m scared it’s going to be sad/tragic and I won’t be able to handle it! har.

    Too bad about Une Voix Noire. Admittedly, I haven’t explored the Lutens line very much, but I haven’t found a whole ton to love there myself.

    1. I was kinda disappointed in Mockingjay. OTOH, you probably should read it. Sad, yeah, but it’s not like struggling through, say, Anna Karenina. Or, Lord forbid, Heart of Darkness.

      2013 promises to be… lively, at least. And probably expensive, but worthwhile.

      I still have not found a Lutens to adore except La Myrrhe. Wishing you a happy new year!

  2. Just realized I’d been missing your posts and had to fix my feed from here! Looking forward to your review of Ylang in Gold.

    Sounds like you had a busy and productive year; I wish mine had been so much so! I’m trying to remember how much actually did happen this year, despite a fall that basically sucked. It hasn’t been the awesomest of years, but I liked the perfume. 🙂

    And I’m so sorry, somehow, that Une Voix Noire didn’t rock your socks like you’d hoped. But I don’t love any SLs myself, so I’m with you there.

    Email me at the address on this (it’s a gmail addy, lemonprint) and let’s discuss – I believe I have a sample of the remixed Jacomo Silences, about which I care nothing at all. I went to a holiday dinner recently sponsored by the NY Jacomo rep, so samples were everywhere. Let me see what I have.

    1. Sorry your 2012 was less than stellar, and here’s to a wonderful 2013! It was a busy but good year in general, with some disappointing events. All the same, I’m ready to let it go.

      Did UVN rock you? I remain impressed by SL’s innovation and consistent quality, but I also remain unimpressed by most of the fragrances. I only love La Myrrhe, which does make up for all the SLs I don’t love.

      Would love a sample of new Silences! Sending email.

  3. Happy New Year, Mals! (BTW, check your latest post: I can see it on the blog but cannot open it for commenting – post not found or something like that).

    I think that good things happening in RL beat any perfume-related disappointments (and I’m not even asking about your successful investment!). But anyway, let’s hope you’ll like 2013 more – in all aspects of your life.

    1. Happy New Year to you!

      On the Micallef Ylang post? CRAP. I didn’t do anything different than usual… huh. Let me sign out and check it – and thanks for the heads-up.

      1. Okay. I logged myself out, went to the post, saw “no comments,” clicked on it, and it took me to a “post your comment” box. Hmm. I don’t know what’s up.

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