Band Camp, 2013

Photo courtesy Susan Baker Slade

Photo courtesy Susan Baker Slade

Bizzy bizzy. It is BAND CAMP WEEK, Y’ALL.

Here I thought I was all done with high school marching band (and a little sad about it, too), but Gaze decided to march.  He is currently one of four rookies in the low brass (baritone horn and trombone) section, and he is doing very well.

Also, we have a new band director. Our previous band director, who did a bang-up job for us for several years, joined his wife in the Charlotte, NC area and has taken a position with a high school there. The new director was most recently at a smaller high school two counties away, doing a wonderful job there. We were sorry to see Mr. Butler go, but delighted to have Mr. Wilner.

I called Bookworm from the field today where I was helping out, and held my phone up so she could hear what was going on: the clink-clink-clink of the infamous Dr. Beat, plus the band director counting out loud. “Do you miss it?” I asked.

There was a small silence, and then she said, “Not Dr. Beat, I don’t.”

Wearing Moschino Funny! and counting my blessings that it isn’t swelteringly hot.

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8 Responses to Band Camp, 2013

  1. Barbara says:

    Hope it stays relatively cool for you. My son is a senior so it will be his last band camp this year. He is looking forward to it.

    • mals86 says:

      Thanks! Hope your weather is good too – it’s been lovely here this week.

      It’s been odd to go to band camp without Bookworm… she keeps asking me how Gaze is doing. When I report that he’s doing quite well, her response is, “He’d BETTER be!”

  2. Bookworm says:

    I do miss marching and my friends… I just don’t miss that incessant BEEPING. Although I will say that the beeping is better than her talking. Pretend there’s a loud, high pitched robot voice saying “one… two… three… four…” over and over and OVER right next to you. So annoying.

  3. Joanne says:

    I miss your posts. Wahhhh.

  4. Lavanya says:

    What Joanne said..hope everything’s ok?

  5. Barbara says:

    Starting to get worried. Let us know you’re OK!

  6. sacre bleu says:

    So, I’m supposin’ that you have been busy gettin’ your daughter off to Yale, your other two ready for the school year, reaping blessings from the literal garden as well as the garden of your life, and we have just not been a priority. I can live with that. But when you come up for air, shoot us a hello, ok?

  7. mals86 says:

    Awwwww, love you guys!!

    Yeah. Hectic busy. It’s late SAturday, and we just dropped Bookworm off at Yale in the tiniest room ever.

    Also: if a vacuum cleaner plug gets in a fight with an eye, guess which one wins? Yes, that’s right: the plug. I have what the ER doc called “a massive corneal abrasion.” Sucky. It hurts.

    Hope to be back on Monday with a real post!! School has started for the boys, and The CEO goes back to teaching Monday as well.

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