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Green and Gold

It’s September. It’s the Autumnal Equinox, and I’ve been watching the color of the sunlight shift ever so slightly away from hot summer glare, almost metallic, to the gentle warmth of Autumn afternoons. The whole world is green and gold, … Continue reading

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Mini-Review Roundup, Sept. 19, 2014

Yee-haw!!! A mini-review roundup again, after, like, months. Guerlain Vol de Nuit (modern EdT, from Surrender to Chance) – after a brief hit of galbanum, this smells like… um… nothing, really. Musty nothing. I keep spraying it multiple times, trying … Continue reading

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Well, this is embarrassing…

After all that hullabaloo about the blog format and finally going with that girly Parisienne-ish black and pink, and the back-and-forth of “I can’t read it,” from my husband and “I have no problems” from some readers and “the background’s … Continue reading

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September Start

Yay, it’s September. Have I mentioned how much I hate August? I hate August. On the other hand, somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature that the calendar flipped over, and it is mizzzzerably muggy around here. They’re even letting the … Continue reading

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Labor Day, 2014

Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans! I have, again, sorely neglected to keep my Scent Diary up to date, so you’re getting a summary.  That’s The Way It Is. (Heavy sigh.) I’ve been watching “Outlander” on Starz.  I’ve loved … Continue reading

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Perfume Review: Dame Perfumery Scottsdale Black Flower Mexican Vanilla

The Aztecs called vanilla tlilxóchitl, meaning black flower.  The origin myth explaining the existence of vanilla springs from the Totonac people, who live on the eastern coast of Mexico, and may have been the first to cultivate the vanilla orchid.  … Continue reading

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So the kids found a cave in one of the pasture fields on the farm.  This was back in the spring, actually, when a school friend of Bookworm’s and Gaze’s came over to shoot Airsoft rifles with Gaze.  They found … Continue reading

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Almost-Scent Diary, Aug. 4-17, 2014

As usual, when things get crazy, I neglect keeping up with the Scent Diary. Sorry. But here’s a summary-type entry.  (Hey, I just NOW found out that the Farm Girl Bloggers site exists… must explore.) As I mentioned in the … Continue reading

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Posting delay

Okay, so… we got a dog. Which, YAY! But, not YAY quite yet. Because said dog needs some adjustment time, and so do we. We’re doing a trial period.  He’s not used to us, we’re not used to him, and … Continue reading

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Fragrance Throwdown: Ines de la Fressange I versus Ines de la Fressange II

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a throwdown, but thanks to Portia’s comment the other day, I finally got down to business to set the two Ines de la Fressange fragrances head-to-head. Okay, first off, let’s clarify things: … Continue reading

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Scent Diary, July 28- Aug. 3, 2014

Monday, July 28 – Second day of band camp. Well, first full day. Weather could not be better – it’s cool and breezy, but sunny, and the kids are very comfortable. The new band director arrived today, and I think … Continue reading

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Scent Diary, July 21-27, 2014

Monday, July 21 – Beautiful cool weather today. The CEO left on his usual summer trip to visit the places of business where his students are interning and marching band pre-camp (for rookies and section leaders) started today, so Gaze … Continue reading

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