November 17, 2016

(Photo from Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl blog)
(Photo from Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl blog, but this looks like late autumn on our farm.)

Sunshine and short sleeves.

Laundry on the clothesline.

baby-eNew baby nephew!!! Born this morning, good healthy size, baby and mommy doing just fine. Welcome, Baby E.

Doggle being snuggly. (I think he might suspect we’re going away. We’ll probably come home to find all the furniture in shreds.)

Packing for Belize.

Mini Diptyque Le Redouté candle and glorious, joyous Teo Cabanel Alahiiine.
Gentle, gracious words of reconciliation from friends on both sides of this ugly, ugly election.

Feeling grateful.

9 thoughts on “November 17, 2016”

  1. Oh, those are amazing photos. Autumn on the farm and a new baby in a hand knit hat are two of the best images in the world. Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations on the sweet nephew! And what lovely pictures of the Blue Ridge. ?
    I’ve been looking for a winter perfume and so I’ve been back on the perfume blogs recently, reading reviews.
    I decided to try Alahine.. It got so many grand reviews I expected it would be perfect. Sigh. Don’t you hate it when you’re sure something will be a winner, and it just isn’t?
    I wanted to like it, but it was an EPIC scrubber on me.
    Ah well.
    At least sampling is fun! Would you have any rec.s based on my success with Santal Majuscule and Ambre Des Merveilles ? I’ve had suggestions from NST ers that I try Boise de Champagne, Cocoa Sandalwood (SSS), Musc Maori, and FM Dries Van Noten.

    1. Thanks for popping by, Silvia! Nice to see you here.

      Sigh. I love Alahine, but it’s not for everybody. I actually tried it about four times, just trying to figure it out, before I admitted to myself that it was love. It was like, “I don’t like that, but I think I need to smell it again,” over and over, and then BAM, it hit me. 🙂

      I am kinda not the sandalwood person, so not a great recommendation resource for those scents. (Actually, I am not sure I’ve tried either one. Lemme check… nope.) I do like Bois de Champagne. Musc Maori is very chocolatey, and I am not a fan of chocolate in my perfume, so it didn’t suit *me*, but it might suit you. I’m sorry I don’t have more suggestions for you!

  3. Well maybe I just need to keep trying it ocassionally and see if I get it! ?
    Thanks and Happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

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