Scent Diary, April 14-20, 2014

Monday, Apr. 14 – Mailed the tax return, did errands. Borrrrring. SOTD, that “greenest of green flower gardens,” Crown Perfumery Crown Bouquet. Such a lovely gentle fragrance (once you get over that galbanum/marigold slap!), and so fresh in a way that has nothing to do with laundry detergent or shower gel.

daffodils and hyacinths
Okay, it really is spring now.

Tuesday, Apr. 15 – Tax Day turned out to be very strange in terms of weather. It was supposed to be 60F today, which is cooler than we’ve been getting lately, but we also got lots of wind and… oh yes… SLEET. Gah. SOTD was Tauer Eau d’Epices, probably more appropriate than I had guessed it would be. Rather nice.

SOTE: Houbigant Oranger en Fleurs. Such pretty jasmine in this, and not a single bit of soap from its orange blossom! I sort of love it. And at the same time, it’s not wildly innovative. It’s just Really Really Good. Probably not going to buy it, but I like it very much. I put it on late in the afternoon, forgetting that there’s a woman in our church small group who doesn’t like white florals. Oops. (Sorry, Debbie, I’ll try to remember next time.)

Wednesday, Apr. 16 – Another chilly day, but at least with no precipitation. This is the sixth anniversary of the multiple shootings at Virginia Tech, and it’s always a very difficult day for The CEO. I am glad that he was not caught up in it, as the building where he teaches was at the time (since then a student advising center has been built in the intervening space) the closest academic building to the dorm where the first shootings took place. Quiet little Blacksburg, where people don’t always lock their car doors when they go to the grocery store, is the last place we’d have expected to be touched by such an event. The pain lingers.

SOTD: Chamade parfum de toilette from my decant, because I needed both its chilly green opening and its warm powdery drydown.

Thursday, Apr. 17 – Sunny in the morning. SOTD: Chanel No. 19 EdT, the vintage with the leather.

Chilly weather in the evening again. Gaze had a track meet at a local high school – I was surprised that they’d moved it to Thursday, because when Bookworm was running, this particular meet was always the same day that her high school was holding the big spring formal dance. She’d rush home from All-American Relays, jump in the shower, and wind up going to prom with damp hair (in contrast to the girls who spend all day getting ready, from mani-pedis to having their hair and makeup done at the salon). The CEO went to this meet, and as it turned out, brought Gaze home right after he ran – not well. It was 11:40 before they got home, having left there at quarter after 11… Odd that they tried to pack this large, crowded meet into the hours after school, when in the past it’s taken them all day to run it.

"Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan"
“Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan”

SOTE: since No. 19 had put me in the mood, I wore Jolie Madame extrait, all proper violets, greenery and leather. Watched “Back to the Future” with Taz, and he loved it. His favorite scene was this one, in which Marty convinces his father, George, to ask Lorraine to the school dance by appearing in George’s bedroom in the middle of the night, wearing a radiation suit and torturing George with loud Van Halen music through the earphones of Marty’s Walkman until George agrees. (Don’t remember? Well, see, Marty… oh, just go watch the movie. Or the YouTube clip here.)

Friday, Apr. 18 – Warmer and sunnier than the rest of the week. The boys are out of school for Easter. SOTD: Cuir de Lancome.

Saturday, Apr. 19 – The laundry room is finished! It looks so wonderful. Twelve years we’ve been living here, and it is nice to finally have insulated walls and heat in there. The CEO spent most of the morning fixing it up and putting his home maintenance items back in place in there. We’re even going to get carpet in there, too – not wall to wall, but indoor/outdoor carpet that should be able to absorb anything he brings in the door, whether it’s an orphan calf or clothes stained with mud, manure, or hydraulic fluid. (He claims he’s better at laundry than I am, and although I don’t agree that the way he does laundry is always the way it should be done, I don’t argue. The clothes are clean.) Photos to come, once it is completely finished with carpet and everything back in place.

SOTD: Parfums DelRae Wit. We drove to Roanoke to choose the carpet and pick up the new(ish) minivan, which The CEO wants to call “Val.” I don’t like it. The drive was lovely, though, with all the leaves coming out spring green and all the redbuds and dogwoods blooming.

Sunday, Apr. 20 – Cloudy this morning, but not very cold. SOTD: Donna Karan Gold, of course, for lilies. Our church doesn’t really decorate for Easter, as we meet in a school, and I still miss Easter lilies, but I had my Gold.

Mountain Lake Hotel
Mountain Lake Hotel

My father has been ill with pneumonia for some time, and my parents were really not up to celebrating today. The CEO’s mother made plans with two of my aunts and some other assorted friends-and-relations, as A.A. Milne would call them, to have dinner at the nearby Mountain Lake Hotel. You might recognize the inn; a large chunk of the movie “Dirty Dancing” was filmed there, and although the lake has, since filming, almost completely dried up (leading to the discovery of the bones of a man who drowned while canoeing on the lake in 1921) and then begun to refill.

We had a couple of friends, two younger guys we go to church with, come over and have Easter dinner with us. That was a delight. I Facebook-messaged with Bookworm, my sister, and my brother, and allowed Gaze to use my computer to purchase an AirSoft rifle, and made plans to go hiking at McAfee’s Knob tomorrow, since the boys and The CEO are all out of school until Tuesday.


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